25 Days of Jesus, An Advent Journey through the Gospel of Luke~ Episode 160 with Jennifer Bryant

Nov 23, 2021 | Advent, Christmas, Podcast, Purpose, Worship

This is the story of a baby from Bethlehem who became the most influential teacher of the ages. As chronicled by Luke, a physician of his time and with great attention to detail, his Gospel account includes a cast of unexpected characters: Fishermen, beggars, the poor, lame, & blind. Religious leaders and women.ย 

The life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth seemed upside down for a man who claimed to be the Messiah. He surprised many with talk of loving enemies, parables of grace, and proclamations of an ever-present kingdom of God.ย 

Busy families need concise, quality resources to lead their family through meaningful holiday moments while keeping Christ at the center. This 100-page devotional is perfect for the Christian family who wants a simple family devotional with a strong foundation of scripture.ย 

People are desperate for connection and hope this time of year. 25 Days of Jesus also includes classic songs and even favorite recipes to warm your heart and soul.

Special Features:

  • 25-Day Advent Calendar with scriptureย 
  • 12 Holiday-inspired recipes (sweet, savory, breakfast lunch, or dinner options)ย 
  • 12 Classic Christmas Songs with a Biblical message (scripture references included)ย 
  • Family Memory pages in the back to record favorite eventsย 
  • More resources to access via QR code in the back of the bookย 

Jennifer will be guiding a Facebook group through each chapter beginning December 1st.

Parents can share ideas about how to bring the devotions alive with their kids, and we can share special moments that inspire us through the season.


Links mentioned in the episode:



DEVOTIONAL – 25 Days Of Jesus

Christmas Cookbook – All 12 recipes from 25 Days of Jesus

Facebook group through each chapter beginning December 1st..ย 



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Jennifer Bryant Your Spiritual Game Plan

Jennifer Bryant

ย Jennifer Bryant is a writer, speaker, and host of the Practical Family Podcast. She gently guides moms through their homeschooling and motherhood journeys and develops practical tools to help them get through their difficult days. She holds a B.A. in Bible theology, with an emphasis in philosophy and apologetics. She and her husband Bruce have been married 15 years and live in Honolulu, Hawaii and are raising two precious pre-teens and enjoying homeschooling in Hawaii andon the road as often as they can travel. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.ย 


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