5 Ways To Find Motivation And Grace In Your Movement

May 15, 2020 | Article, Uncategorized

Guest – Amy Connell of Graced Health

“Do you want to know how you can achieve a balanced healthy life with a lot of grace and a little chocolate?⁠”

When Amy asked me that question I knew she and I were going to be friends. Having and maintaining a healthy life is a daily challenge for me. When she asked me why, I gave her a list of several emotional pressures that I put on myself.

She asked me if I had those same expectations for others. Of course, I did not. For others, I was full of grace.

I talk to young girls about their bodies being a temple and focusing on being who God created them to be and yet I struggle with believing it myself.

Women go through so many mental and physical changes in our lives and our bodies do not always catch up to our mindset. This is where GRACE comes in.

Amy’s approach to a grace-filled health message has been so freeing for me and I want to share it with you.

How would you view your movement and nourishment if you could remove the emotional pressures?          Since most of the pressures come from you, then you have the power to give yourself grace as well.

I invited Amy to share 5 ways you can find the motivation and grace in your movement.

G – grace – this is the opposite of shame.

R – respect the season or transition you are in.

A – active and absorb. Our movement is affected by what we take in.

C – cherish the temple we have been given, this is the opposite of comparing.

E -emphasize the positive. What were you able to accomplish today. Do not put yourself down.

I hope you will be blessed by our time together. Here is Episode 16 with Amy Connell


Going through different phases in life can keep us from accepting the grace God wants to give. Spending time looking back to who we used to be and looking at where others are at this time distracts us keeping us from being who God needs us to be right now.

What is an area in your life where you need to accept His grace? 

Take a moment to reflect on that time and then leave a comment or email me at:


Your story could help others who think they are struggling alone with the same issues.


Amy’s Podcast: — GRACE PODCAST —

Five ways to give yourself GRACE in your health


Amy Connell is a personal trainer and has coached fitness classes for 15 years. She is passionate about helping women find their own grace-filled health so they can do what they are called to do. She’s a recovering step counter and imperfect eater living in God’s perfect grace. She lives in the Houston, Texas area with her husband of 23 years, their two always-hungry teen boys, and her stray-turned princess pitbull named Grace

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