A Gentle Invitation for Mothers, God is Waking You Up to the Life You Really Want! ~ Episode 230 with Anjuli Paschall

May 16, 2023 | Anxiety, belonging, children, Family, Grace, Heart, Identity, Mentor, Motherhood, Mothers, Podcast


How have you filled in these blanks?

“Someday” when I don’t have to ___________, then I will _________.

Like me, you might need more blanks! 

Having finally reached my “someday,” while I’m enjoying the things I’ve been looking forward to, I often think back on those days when I was doing all of those things I’d wished away and wish I had taken time to enjoy them. 

As a young mother, I seemed to be navigating my life one task at a time. I daydreamed about a life I believed would be more fulfilling instead of being awake and in the moment.

During this episode, Anjuli Paschall describes what it’s like to feel the underlying anxiety that you are missing out on the good life, to zone out, to swipe up, to be slimming down, to be working harder, and to spin in circles with the anxiety of not living life to the fullest.

That was something Anjuli wanted to change! Knowing she loved people fearlessly and walked with God faithfully. 

In addition, she wants to believe that she is loved and even liked.

Anjuli is going to tell us how she discovered that the full life isn’t found by chasing it. It’s found by coming awake to it, and she wants you to live a soul-awake life too!

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Anjuli Paschall

Anjuli Paschall is the author of Stay and Awake. She grew up encircled by an orange grove in San Diego. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, she earned her master’s degree in spiritual formation and soul care from Talbot Seminary. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Sam, and five children. She is the founder of The Moms We Love Club and writes regularly for (in)courage.


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