Glory – Bringer

Feb 15, 2020 | Anxious, Article, Contentment, Courage, Mothers, Peace, Purpose

Glory – Bringer

Guest Blog: Bethany Howard

I am taking a  Sabbath rest today. It is a gift, a day where God says ‘give me the weight of your week’.

I can lay down the cares I have carried, cease the striving and rest – weightless.⁠

Bethany Howard wrote a very special poem for my blog. I hope that her words comfort you today. I hope you find a Sabbath rest from the striving and are reminded that floating can still take you to your destination.⁠

I know her words of allowing yourself permission – to stop and just be – will be a gift to your soul.

“Transitions undo me every time.

They test my endurance,

challenge the strength of my faith,

and leave me

treading water in a sea

of questions.

Is this what I am supposed to do?

This is different from what I’ve

done in the past…

does that negate

the validity of my

previous chapter?

What about others

who make different

choices then I do?

Am I making a wrong decision?

Is a new chapter even necessary?

I feel like I might be sinking.

My legs are tired of kicking.





and to my surprise

I float.

I rest.

My heart relinquishes it’s

focus on survival

so that I can just be.

I am a glory-bringer,

even here,




in the journey

that takes me to where

Bethany is refreshingly real. She will listen to your goals, and the fears keeping you from them and ask ‘what if you knew that permission was granted, if you had the green light’?


Bethany loves a great deal on a pair of shoes and enjoys the simple decadence of dark chocolate. She speaks and writes to motivate others to discover again, or for the first time, that who they are is enough – they just need to step into the permission that has always existed, to be who they are, right where they are.



Permission Granted




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  1. Vikki H

    When I first read this poem it spoke to me, even at my advanced age! ;-). But today listening to Bethany share these words made them so relevant. Thanks for doing the live groups even though I was a late viewer.


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