Does Your Perfectly Planned Life Meet Your Own Expectations?

Mar 9, 2021 | Podcast, Purpose, Seasons of change

What do we do when the plans we have don’t meet our own expectations?

When disappointments that we face break our hearts?

Do we try to put everything back the way it was so no none can see, or do we take the time to rearrange – remodel?

Devastation gives us a chance to rethink how we will put things back – and what things we won’t.

Kristie Christie and I will talk about when our perfectly planned lives don’t match our realities.

When real life disappoints us and interrupts our plans, often our desire to take control gets in the way of the abundant life Jesus invites us into. We set up plans and arrange our lives to achieve maximum comfort, but when those plans don’t turn out and what we have arranged is shaken, we have an opportunity for God to do some remodeling.

Kristie will challenge us to:

  • Exchange Individualism for Community
  • Trade Perfectionism for Freedom 
  • Busyness for Presence


There is something sacred happening when our lives get disrupted.” – Kristie Christie

I hear phrases about returning to normal. I honestly hope that we do not return to normal. I hope and pray that we do a serious remodel. We need the awareness of what really matters – we need to practice better health precautions, we need to take care of our elderly and those who are shut in, and we need to continue to make intentional efforts to keep connected.

Share Your Thoughts

How did 2020 shake your plans and arranged schedule?

How will you take this opportunity for God’s healing and remodeling?

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Links mentioned in the episode:

Kristie’s Website

REViBRANt KiDS – A weekly family night devotional

Compassion International




Find more information about Our Guest

Kristie Christie

Kristie has a heart for inspiring people of all relationship statuses to live wholeheartedly in every season. Her messages are heartfelt, humorous, and vulnerable, allowing people to feel seen, understood, and encouraged. You can find her articles about relationships on Darling Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and XOJane. She is the founder and creator of REViBRANt KiDS Family Resources.

Kristie works for Compassion International recruiting and equipping communicators to create transformation for children living in extreme poverty. Kristie and David live in Calabasas, California where they do not keep up with the Kardashians. Leadership, empathy, authenticity travel & humor are their favorite things.


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