Episode 103 How To Practice Connection With Your Husband

What are your plans? This is a common question before we start on a journey. Whether it is our vocation or our vacation, we usually do not set out without mapping the way.

It gives us comfort to know what lies ahead. In fact there are great apps now that tell you what is up ahead and how to avoid certain situations.

While there aren’t any apps like this for our marriage journey there is a map. His word and His invitation to stay connected are vital to staying on the path in our marriage.

Just like in life, our marriage will go through transitional periods. There are normal hills and valleys and if we can manage these universal stormy periods we usually come out the other side with greater love and commitment to our spouse.

In this episode I talk with Amanda Davison from A Wife Like Me. 

Amanda shares her story of wanting to leave her marriage and the invitation God gave her to connect deeper with Him and her husband.

We will discuss –

  • Four reasons that couples experience destructive communication
  • How to have a plan before going into hard seasons or transition
  • How the concept of obedience actually empowers us

Amanda’s devotional is like having a marriage map, it will help set the course.  We do not know our future, but it is better to have a plan on how we can handle future obstacles  

How is God inviting you to practice  connection with your spouse?

I would love to hear your thoughts, stories or Ah Ha moments from today’s message.

Links mentioned in the episode:

A Wife Like Me
Dear Wife: 10 Minute Invitations To Practice Connection With Your Husband

A Wife Like Me Facebook Page

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Find more information about Our Guest

Amanda Davison

Amanda is an Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Founder of A Wife Like Me.

She is a wife to a hunky farmer, and a mama of three, who remind her every day how badly she needs God to work in her.

She is passionate about seeing you thrive in your calling as a wife. She knows what it feels like to feel alone, exhausted, and even hopeless in marriage, and she also knows what it feels like to have thrived in marriage. Her heart longs to see you living fully free as the woman God has made you to be – with all of your gifts and experiences and beauty. She prays that this ministry would give you new life in your walk as a wife and that it would catapult a movement of wives who live out wifehood in a brand new way that honors our God and impacts generations.

Wife, you are loved, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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