Episode 110 Discover The God Who Will Not Leave You

September 8, 2020

Lately I have been told to hang in there. I have been tempted to ask them what I am supposed to be hanging onto.

What would you say?  Faith….hope….trust?

Also, hanging implies that I have to do all the work, in which I will inevitably get tired and let go.

Am I supposed to hang onto a faith that I often question? That is like relying on a rope that might not break.

Also when I think of hanging I think of more of an abandonment, I am all alone trying to maintain an endurance that I was never created to endure.

Sometimes when I am told to hang in there I will remind them that I am not hanging. I am being held in there. God has not left me to hang.

Being able to look back on this year and see where He has actually been holding me helps renew my faith on days when I question it.

“Woven throughout Scripture sits a single, extraordinary theme: God is with us. Ours is a God who speaks through burning bushes and leads through pillars of fire, who responds to a broken world by giving himself.” Michele Cushatt

In this episode I will be speaking with Michele Cushatt about her latest book Relentless – The Unshakable Presence of A God Who Never Leaves.

Michele openly shares her own struggles with faith and how the presence of pain in her life caused her to question the presence of God. She reminds us that the Old Testament story of Joshua’s altar of twelve stones demonstrate God’s unfailing presence.

God promised that he would never leave or forsake us, we are not hanging in there. Still there are days that even though I believe in Him I don’t believe Him.

Listen in as Michele and I share how just like the Israelites’ needed to go through a flood experience in order to collect the stones in which to build an alter, we too are given an invitation to identify a “stone” in our own lives as tangible evidence of God’s nearness.

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Find more information about Our Guest

Michele Cushatt

As an experienced communicator, Michele Cushatt speaks internationally to a wide variety of audiences including Women of Faith, Life Today TV, Compassion International, Ziglar Family, Family Life Blended, and Focus on the Family.

A three-time head and neck cancer survivor and parent of “children from hard places,” Michele is a (reluctant) expert of trauma, pain and the deep human need for authentic connection. She and her husband, Troy, share a blended family of six children, including biological children, stepchildren, and foster-adopt children. They live in Denver, Colorado.

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