Episode #112 How To Strengthen Your Faith Through Fitness

September 22, 2020

It all started with a dare. I clicked submit, and my registration for the Seattle Full Marathon was official. My friend Maria was delighted in herself – she had gotten me to do what I swore I would never do: run.  I may have wanted to quit before I started, but my pride kept me from pulling out – I didn’t want to see a medal on Maria’s neck without having one of my own!

With hours and weeks of training ahead, I began the process of preparing to run. Soon I was not only finding a new rhythm in my gait I was also finding a new rhythm in my faith. Whether I was running alone or with friends, discussions with and about God grew. The many miles of practice strengthened my body, and the hours of prayer strengthened my mind.

Our bodies were created to work with our spirit and our soul.

God reminds us that we need to renew our minds daily: taking the time to move, especially out in nature, helps me appreciate a different perspective. When I exercise with a friend, we call it pavement therapy – sharing how God has been working in our lives helps me with my own perspective.

Of course the hardest part is getting started!! To this day I do not always look forward to running. I still do not like the first three miles, and I have now been running since 2006. But after I walk out the door and get past those first few strides, I find my cadence and communion with God and I am blessed.

Today I am talking with Dorina Lazo Gilmore – Young, a writer, speaker, former news reporter, and long-time runner. She will share her personal journey with running and how it helped her through the most difficult time in her life as well as how God used it to bring her to where she is today.  

Dorina and her husband Shawn wrote the soon-to-be released book Walk Run Soar, a 52-week devotional and training journal to help understand that there is an intersection of faith and fitness.

Whether or not you are a runner, this book will help motivate you in all aspects of fitness.

Listen in as Dorina and I discuss how exercise can help you experience the presence, purpose, and glory of God.

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“Isaiah 40 was the inspiration for the title of my new devotional book, Walk Run Soar. She will be flying onto book shelves Sept. 29! I am hoping you will pre-order a copy today for you and a friend! Walk, Run, Soar: A 52-Week Running Devotional” Dorina Lazo Gilmore- Young


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Dorina Lazo Gilmore - Young

Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young is writer, speaker, former news reporter, and long-time runner. She blogs at DorinaGilmore.com and is a contributor on DaySpring’s (in)courage writing team. Dorina is a “glory chaser,” who meets God running trails through the mountains or near the ocean. She is passionate about helping people discover God’s glory on life’s unexpected paths. Dorina and her husband Shawn started the Glory Chasers running group on Facebook where they serve up coaching, courage and community for Christian runners. Walk Run Soar, their devotional and training journal published by Bethany House/Baker, releases September 29, 2020. Dorina and Shawn are raising three brave daughters in Central California.

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