Episode #114 Rahab ~ A Prostitute Perfectly Poised To Be Used By God

Oct 6, 2020 | Podcast, Prayer, Redemption

What are the prerequisites you need in order for God to use you?

I used to think I had to achieve a certain level of ‘Christianhood:’ say the big words in my prayers, know my memory verses, be baptized.

Trying to attain the specific levels of Christianity I had set for myself was a heavy burden. I saw prayer as a necessary degree I must master – only then would I be worthy of being used, and my salvation would be secured.

When reading stories in the Bible, I would always focus on who the person was at the moment God used them. I never stopped to consider who they were prior to being used by God. Being baptized was not mentioned as a prerequisite; their prayer life was not always the focal point; and their faith matured along the journey.

Not having prerequisites is definitely the case with Rahab. Not only is she a harlot in the lineage of Christ, she is one of only two women named in the Heroes of Faith in Hebrews 11.

“In her heart, Rahab believed that the religion of Jericho was just as foolish and futile as the others of which she’d heard. All of her life she’d been hearing reports about how this nation of slaves had been saved from Egypt and about the hundreds of miracles they’d experienced. Any God who could do such powerful things-who loves His people that much-was the God Rahab wanted to serve!

I believe Rahab began praying to the God of Israel to spare her and her family from the certain impending judgment on Jericho. When the two spies came through, she believed it was a divine opportunity, and she began to demonstrate her faith by action. She was ready to lay her life on the line.” Amazing Facts

No baptism, no degree in proper prayer, and no mention of memory verses.

Rahab the harlot was most definitely not someone the men of God should be seen with! Yet God had two missions in mind when He sent them.  The spies knew of only one of those missions. Rahab was used to not only strengthen their faith but to provide the information they needed. As a result of her faith, her family was saved the lineage of Christ can be traced back to her.

Today I am talking with Sharon Wilharm.  Her podcast dives into All God’s Women. Sharon encourages us to discover life lessons we can take away from each of these ancient women and apply them to our modern day lives!

There are so many twists and turns in the story of Rahab, and I know that Sharon’s look into her life will leave you wanting to study further.

We also bring to light how essential prayer is, as Sharon reminds us that:

We are not praying to change His mind. We are praying to change our heart.

– much like Rahab’s prayers changed hers and the future of the world.

Let Me Know

How has the story of Rahab confirmed that you too are used by God?

I would love to hear your story and use it to bless others! Please leave a comment or email me.

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Find more information about Our Guest

Sharon Wilharm

Through the years Sharon Wilharm has worn many hats – filmmaker, blogger, writer, ministry leader, speaker, and now podcast host. The common thread through all of them is women and storytelling. She loves to tell stories that inspire and encourage women in their walk with the Lord.

As a filmmaker, she made movies with a female perspective.
As a blogger, she shared the stories of female filmmakers, actresses, authors, and speakers.
As a ministry leader, she’s worked with girls and women of all ages, teaching them and helping them to discover and share their unique stories.
As a speaker, she loves sharing personal stories of the amazing things she’s witnessed God doing in her own life as well as in the lives of others.
And as a podcast host, she’s working her way through the Bible, sharing the stories of All God’s Women.


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