Episode 118 How To Find And Fulfill Your God Given Purpose.

Nov 3, 2020 | Game Plan, Podcast, Purpose, Seasons of change

Both Kris Reece – my guest – and I sure have.  The enemy loves for us to believe that we are lost and have to find out who we are on our own. But our Father tells us that we are His and we were created to do the good work that He has planned for us.  

Even though I am told that there is a plan for  me , I still want to know that what I do matters – I want to be able to live the life of purpose I was called to live.

All the wondering I do does not bring me any closer to grasping my calling, and it keeps me from being open to understanding how God is with me at every step of the way, leading me closer and closer to my purpose.

In this episode, Kris will share with you three ways that God calls you into your purpose.

  1. Positioning
  2. Prodding
  3. Pulling

Rarely does our life calling come pre-packaged with a list of ingredients and instructions on how to execute it. Rather, the discovery of our purpose is meant to be a journey; a journey of discovery.” Kris Reece

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Kris Reece

Kris Reece holds a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling and MA in Theology. As a minister and Christian counselor, her passion and mission are one in the same, to help others to experience the miraculous healing power of God. She lives with her husband in NJ. Together they have three children and an ever increasing tribe of fur babies.


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