Equipping Young People to Thrive in Faith and Life​

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Faith, Family, Game Plan, Mentor, Spiritual Growth, Uncategorized

Today I have the privilege to speak with Jolene Erlacher on Leading Tomorrow’s podcast regarding The Spiritual Game Plan program I started and have been running for 14 years now.

Dr. Jolene Erlacher founded Leading Tomorrow in 2014 with the aim of equipping churches, businesses, schools, missions agencies and other organizations for effective inter-generational leadership in an evolving culture. Her passion for equipping a new generation of leaders emerged from various leadership experiences in education and ministry.
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Cheri Fletcher joins Jolene to discuss the topic of relating faith to young people. Cheri is a writer, speaker, and mentor to students. They discuss the importance of helping young people face the struggles they will encounter in the different stages of their lives, how to be someone that younger generations will trust and confide in, and how to be a successful mentor.

Spiritual Game Plan


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