Finding Agape Love In Our Health By Breaking The Rules For The Greater Good Of Others ~ Episode 159 with Amy Connell

November 16, 2021

Amy Connell Your Spiritual Game Plan

Amy’s message of loving the body that God gave you and being able to break the rules that society tells us are for a one size fits all has been the grace I need to give myself.

She wants to share that as agape love is unconcerned with self and concerned with the greatest good for another, our idea of health should be less concerned with how we look and more concerned with being physically equipped to love others.

As we break the rules that society has placed on our health we will find that we are able to:

  • Base our goals on God’s Calling
  • Personalize a fitness plan around our stages of life and future objectives
  • Enjoy a balanced nutrition based around the wonderful foods God has given us to enjoy

As the holiday parties are approaching, I hope that Amy’s message is the gift you need to give yourself that grace and the agape love to be who God created you to be and love the body He made, because it is worthy of it!


Links mentioned in the episode:

Amy’s Website – Graced Health 

Amy’s New Book

Amy’s Podcast

Download for the 8 rules to break




Find more information about Our Guest

Amy Connell Your Spiritual Game Plan

Amy Connell

Amy Connell is  a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who is on a mission to help women understand their eating, movement, and body don’t have to be perfect, they just need to be able to do what they are called to do.

She is the host of the Graced Health podcast which is filled with simple, grace-filled ways to take care of yourself and the author of Your Worthy Body.

Amy will tell you that she loves her family, chocolate, and her stray-turned princess pit bull named, of course, Grace.

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