Faith that makes your twirl

Finding Faith That Makes You Twirl With Joy

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Contentment, Faith, Uncategorized

Several years ago my daughter was a flower girl at my sister’s wedding. She loved her dress and would twirl all around the venue watching it billow. Several people would come up to her and tell her she was so pretty, to which she smiled and said, “I know”.

As her parent, my heart filled with joy watching her soak in the moment as if the whole occasion was about her. She was not hindered by the fear of what others thought. She was not told that she shouldn’t say “I know” because that is vain.

People smiled at her innocent and trusting confidence. She felt completely loved and genuinely beautiful.

The kind of faith my daughter had in her value is what I know God wants us to continue experiencing. Matthew 18:3 Jesus reminds us to become like little children. Childlike faith means “to go before God as a child is to go before God stripped of our sins and doubts, full of wide-eyed inspiration that comes from total faith. To go before God as a child is to expect awe-inspiring greatness.”

That is the kind of faith I want to have. A faith where I am stripped of doubts and full of wide-eyed inspiration basking in the love of my Father. Where the fear of human ridicule does not keep me from acknowledging my beauty as His daughter. The kind of faith that gives me the confidence to twirl and hear my Father laughing from a heart filled with joy.




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