Finding Hope And Healing As An Adult Child Of Divorce

March 30, 2021

Sarah Geringer Guest On Your Spiritual Game Plan

Divorce is a difficult and vulnerable topic, especially in the Christian circle.

It is a situation that dissolves and divides and often leaves those who live through it feeling forsaken.

My guest Sarah Geringer knows this pain all too well and has turned her hurt into a ministry of healing.

Even if the divorce is amicable, there is a destruction that needs to be addressed.

Sarah says, “A child has their own grief journey that they have to go through after a divorce.

We need help in the language of grieving.”

In this episode she will share her experience as a child of divorce and the effects that has had on her adult life.

Sarah is open about her own experience in this episode, yet she extends grace to her parents and to all adults who are going through a divorce. She shares her pain of trying to fix things and the emotional toll of wanting to make things better for a few moments during the holidays or necessary get togethers, so life might seem ‘normal.’

If you are an adult child of divorce, are divorced yourself or have divorce in your extended family, this episode will help to give you comfort and understanding.


Share Your Thoughts

Has divorce affected your life in any way?

What difference would it have made if you had been able to share it with someone who understands?

In which ways was your trust broken when your parents divorced?

Take a moment to pray and ask God to show you where. Then if you are willing, please share your story or prayer request with me.

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Find more information about Our Guest

Sarah Geringer Guest on Your Spiritual Game Plan Podcast

Sarah Geringer

Sarah Geringer is a speaker, podcaster, artist and author of Transforming Your Thought Life: Christian Meditation in Focus and three self-published books.
Sarah also hosts a podcast, Heart in a Drawer, to minister to adult children of divorce.
She is currently working on a teen girl version of Transforming Your Thought Life, to be published in fall 2021.
She is on the devotional writing teams for Proverbs 31 Ministries, A Wife Like Me, Devotable, Hope-Full Living, Kingdom Edge Magazine and Woman 2 Woman Ministries.
When she’s not reading over 100 books per year, Sarah enjoys painting, baking, gardening and playing the flute. Her daily must-haves are hot tea, dark chocolate, and fresh flowers.
She lives in southeast Missouri with her husband and three children. Sarah writes and speaks about finding peace in God’s Word at

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