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Spiritual Game Plan

An intentional discipling program with a specific scope and sequence to help students experience God using them to make an impact in the lives of those who are younger and who look up to them.

Junior High Students

Junior High students are presented with The Game Plan from their high school student mentors in a series of classes.

Presentations address topics such as how to handle peer pressure, manage time, set right priorities and spend time with God.

Many of the students go on to high school and volunteer to become mentors for the program.

High School Students

Students meet weekly with mentors to pray and develop outlines, testimonies and illustrations to help junior high students plan ahead for the new chapter in their lives as high school students.

The student mentors use this plan to help younger students build a solid foundation that they will continue to build on even into adulthood.

About the program

A Note from Founder, Cheri Fletcher

As I watched my husband coach our daughter’s elementary basketball team, I noticed something.

I observed them run plays over and over, memorize the name of the plays and what position they needed to be in while that play was being run. Knowing that she would soon be in high school I thought to myself, I wish we could send them off with a spiritual playbook.

Knowing that instruction from mom would just be another lecture I decided to see if any of our upperclassmen from the Christian Academy would be interested in mentoring. I was excited when two names were given to me and those students were willing to mentor the middle school classes.

With the support of both the Academy and the elementary school the format was developed.

This is an intentional discipling program.  There is a specific scope and sequence that I walk the academy students through.   I want them to experience God using them to make an impact in the lives of those who are younger and who look up to them.  It has been so rewarding to watch the elementary students become the upperclassmen who then go back and touch the lives of our next generation of mentors.

Preparing our middle school students to what challenges they will face in high school and giving them the tools to recognize the opponent and have a plan a head of time gives them strength.

Watching our high school students mentor and teach that plan is powerful.

I see the tools that they are preparing to teach turn into a solid belief, becoming a part of the foundation that they will continue to build on.

School leaders

What People Say

“Cheri Fletcher is a powerhouse! Cheri’s wisdom, enthusiasm and passion for Jesus and people are inspiring.”

Roger Smith, 

Teacher NBC Camps Vice President


What People Say

“I loved being a part of that program.  Honestly, that sparked the ministry and career choices I made.”

– Rachel Coon Gaskill,

Program graduate & mentor

Students Influenced

Leaders Made

Years Established

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