I often make fun of myself and the ease of which I can easily become distracted, as my kids used to say “squirrel” or as I say, I have but first disorder.
While trying to finish one project I am often thinking of another. I will start to clean out a closet and go to put those items in the garage. Now, I need to focus on the closet cleaning, but first I believe that I now need to clean a space in the garage.

This is also the case in my desire to write, I have several half-written pieces, multiple Trello boards, a stack of index cards and two main themes to work on for a platform, but first I need to get my writing space just so and collect more data and take more classes, more coaching.
Then, when I reach those goals I will be ready. In the closet cleaning situation, I can say procrastination is definitely the underlying issue. The writing, I know that I have to surrendered my fear. I am comfortable in that fear, to surrender is to expose.

I was visiting my son’s at the University they attend. It is a Christian University and we went to church. The sermon was on the urgency of following Christ and procrastination.
His question to the congregation was “if not now, then when”.
He shared stories of those who were not ready, such as the rich young ruler and there were two that he mentioned and based the sermon on in Luke. Luke 9:57-62 tells the story of two men who claim that they want to follow Jesus, but first they believed they had to get things in order.

Several of his points were based on our willingness at the moment we are called. He said, “with all the important decisions there comes a crucial moment if we miss that moment we might never do it.” That really woke me up. I do not want my fear of surrender to trump His plan for me.

During the sermon this weekend 2 questions came to my mind regarding God’s timing and my procrastination.

1. Is it God’s timing or is it my unwillingness to surrender?

God says, ‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.’ Revelation 3:20.
He is there, all the time. The question is do we surrender and open the door? What would God’s timing have looked like if the rich young ruler had surrendered what he thought was most dear?

The pastor called our unwillingness to surrender our “not now”. Our not nows and our but first’s can be bushels that we are hiding our light under, there is a reason that we sang This Little Light of mine over and over. It is a call to action, to respond now and follow His call.

2. Do I use the safety of saying ‘it must not be His timing’ to justify my procrastination?

Fear is paralyzing and I believe it is the root of my procrastination. As I watch others succeed in the area that I feel called to serve I catch myself thinking that it is not God’s timing for me.
[click_to_tweet tweet=”When I evaluate what is truly holding me back it is my fear. I can falsely comfort and excuse myself from using the gifts I was given under the guise of waiting for God’s timing.” quote=”When I do not surrender there is a part of me that can’t shine.”]

I asked friends what their thoughts were about God’s timing and our willingness to answer His call. A gentleman in my church replied:
“If we are waiting for something that God does not want to happen, then our surrender means it won’t EVER happen – and we will be OK with that!
Maybe “timing” should be”timings.” I think God has plans for us either way – surrendered or not, stubborn or not. Some plans will be easier on us than others, but God can guide us through any of them.” Bill L.

What are you holding most dear that keeps you from full surrender?

When I do not surrender there is a part of me that can’t shine.


Photo Credit: daiga_ellaby 

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