How a Writer Went from Hollywood to Writing Songs of Spiritual Warfare ~ Episode 176 with Kira Fontana

Kira Fontana Your Spiritual Game Plan

What does success mean to you?

It can mean so many different things! To some, making it to Hollywood would be considered success, having found your purpose, and even arriving! 

It did for my guest Kira Fontana as well, for a while.

Kira, thought it looked like a prosperous musical career in Hollywood. But after going through a season of deep soul searching, Kira realized that she was seeking all the wrong things. But Satan wouldn’t let her leave the industry quite so easily!

She will share her testimony and how she experienced a revelation from God that turned the tide in her life, led to her salvation, and eventually a whirlwind romance with her now-husband!

The links to the song, Heaven Sent, that she wrote for their wedding are below!

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Kira’s Wedding song  – Heaven Sent

Kingdom Sound



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Kira Fontana Your Spiritual Game Plan

Kira Fontana

Kira Fontana is a singer-songwriter, producer and film composer dedicated to creating music that glorifies God and points people to the One who made them and loves them. For over a decade, Kira worked as a top LA celebrity vocal coach to major labels, Top 40 artists and hit shows such as The Voice and Glee. In 2017, God called her out of darkness into His glorious light. She is now a worship leader, recording artist, and the founder of Kingdom Sound, a Christian music production company based in Austin, Texas.

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