How Being Moldable Reveals Who We Are Made To Be

Jul 31, 2020 | Article, Hurting, Purpose

God, you are our Father!  We’re the clay and you’re our potter; All of us are what you made us.

Isaiah 65:8

I didn’t have the kind of growing pains that my son’s had, especially in their feet.

We had to use sport tape and mold them to help with the pain.  Watching them go through that was hard and I tried everything to stop it. The agony led to their height of 6 feet and a joy in the ability to pat me on the top of the head.

I want my kids to be happy and not go through pain, I want the same too. But continued happiness and a life of ease does not transform us.

We are told and reminded that while we live on this earth we will suffer and that it actually reveals who we belong to. It is like a brand on His workmanship.

Count it a blessing when you suffer for being a Christian. This shows that God’s glorious Spirit is with you.

Don’t be ashamed to suffer for being a Christian. Praise God that you belong to him.

1 Peter 4:14&16

Many believe that when they find themselves and know what their purpose is that suffering will be less or even gone. We are bombarded with messages of “arriving” at our destination of self discovery and living happily ever after.

What do you long for?       

Does it confuse you about the purpose of life?

I know I am living out my purpose because Satan works very hard to discourage me and even stop me from it. The pain can be intense. But like the tape helped mold my son’s feet, our Potter is molding us through the pain.

A potter can only work with material that is moldable.

I pray that my struggles will result in a vessel that is used to reveal His character. 

Are you experiencing growing pains?

Stop and take a look at how using the pain to glorify God could reveal your purpose.

Your story helps others know that they are also being molded for His use.

Please take a moment to comment or email me and share your moldable moment.


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  1. Denise Hintz

    Cheri, this touched my heart! I just came inside after working in my yard. (My place to escape while Dave is on conference calls) I am certainly being remolded while we are in PA- letting God use me in our new church. Although it’s not easy during this pandemic. Thank you for your encouraging words! 💗

    • Cheri Fletcher

      Thank you Denise! I know that God is using you in a very strong way with the women in your church. I also know your faith is being strengthened as you step out of your comfort zone! I love seeing Him work through you.


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