How God Does More with Your Willingness than Your Worthiness ~ Episode 182 with Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott Your Spiritual Game Plan


When I clicked on the text message from my son, I expected a quick update. Instead, I saw a video. Of. Him. Bungie. Jumping.

My #1 reaction was pure relief that I hadn’t known ahead of time, so I didn’t have a chance to panic thinking about all the things that could have gone wrong.

When was the last time you took a leap of faith, not knowing where you might land?

That is precisely what our guest Rachel G Scott did when she followed God’s leading into something she’d never done before.

In This Episode, you’ll discover:

  • The five types of “leaps” you can take in faith
  • How God works with your willingness
  • How, like Nehemiah, God equips you when He calls you

Rachel shares her story and biblical examples to give you the confidence you need to trust God as He leads you to take your next leap.

Your Turn:

When was a time when God used your willingness?   Let me know in the comments.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Rachel’s Website 

The 5 Leaps Podcast

I Can’t Come Down



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Find more information about Our Guest

Rachel G. Scott Your Spiritual Game Plan

Rachel G. Scott

Rachel Scott is a wife, mother, and Ohio native. As a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, she has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcast, radio, devotionals, and blogs.

She is the Founder of the I Can’t Come Down movement, an organization dedicated to helping women walk in their purpose and assignment with focus. She is a former Huffington Post contributor and current Youversion and Moody Radio Cleveland Partner. 

Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God, loving and honoring her husband, and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and learn to embrace their imperfections. 

Learn more about Rachel at RachelGScott.Com.

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