“Mom, I am pregnant.”   And just like that her empty nest was going to be filled. What else could she do, her daughter is living on the streets and has no means to care for the life she was bringing into this world.

What are your plans Lord?  Where did we go wrong? What could we have done differently?

The questions filled her mind and flooded her heart as she prepared her home to welcome a baby.

The answers came when she held her sweet granddaughter who would legally become her daughter.

‘You did nothing wrong, here is a second chance, trust the plans I have to show you how much I love you.’

My friend had already made plans with her husband, this was not how she had envisioned her new season of life, but God has used the birth of innocence before to show us grace.

What is the purpose in this?

What is my purpose in this?

The questions kept coming over the course of those 9 months.

I have known this friend for over 16 years now and I can attest to her purpose, she is an encourager. With all of the roles that she has had throughout the time I have known her, she has brought encouragement to each of them.

I recently visited with her, her husband and their now 2 year old daughter. I asked her how having a second chance to raise a child has changed her view of her purpose?

The clarity in which she answered my question was so uplifting.

“The crazy thing is that I am learning what I wish I had known to focus on. You don’t know what you don’t know”  

She does know that God is using her to bring, not only encouragement to the younger moms, but now the other purpose she brings to her new role is experience.

She understands that she has been given a chance to come alongside the younger moms who are going through the years of toddler for the first time and give them comfort, and share her experiences.

She brings the 20/20 hindsight into their current moments where they can only see what is right in front of them. She now sees the beginning from the end and how important every little action, kind word, or reprimand from her as a parent will influence them.

Some could look at her story and think well she did it wrong, or some could say she did the best she could and because we are all human and fall short, both have truth. But her purpose through all of it has not changed and she hopes that her story will encourage others.

Here is what she told me she wished she had known

1 . What Shapes a child

Shaping a child begins at birth and every single minute is important. Chose wisely          who you allow to be a part of that shaping

2.  What to focus on

How to put the focus on her family so that each member felt important to her. And the family unit. When you’re in the middle of raising a tribe you can justify the shortcuts to get through the day.      

3.  How to connect

Parent with a loving heart and be better at connecting with each of their hearts.

As a new parent she didn’t have the perspective she does now. She only had what she had been taught. There were a lot of generational habits that she wished had not been incorporated.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Have you had a time in life when you thought you saw the road before you so clearly then a detour sign was put out and you find yourself having to re route? Situations like this can lead us to questioning our purpose.” quote=”Have you had a time in life when you thought you saw the road before you so clearly then a detour sign was put out and you find yourself having to re route? Situations like this can lead us to questioning our purpose.”]

For my friend she went from serving as an elder in her church to serving as mentor to the young moms, still with the same purpose!  

Proverbs 31:26 Tells us that  “she opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teachings of kindness is on her tongue”.  

God uses the purpose she has always had, just in a different way.

To encourage others through her experience.

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