How Good Boundaries can Bridge the Conflict Gap ~Episode 223 with Leslie Newman

Mar 28, 2023 | Boundaries, Conflict, Conflicts, Game Plan, Grace, Hard Conversations, Podcast

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word boundaries?


My friend Leslie Newman asked this question in our writer’s group, and she received a variety of answers.


My answer was protection, both for the other person and me.


Having learned the benefits of setting grace-filled boundaries, Leslie loves helping others do the same.


“Setting boundaries is an emotional process, and it has to start with me first, especially when facing a difficult situation, potential conflict, and difficult conversations.” Leslie


Leslie wants us to know that boundaries are Biblical. They are a bridge designed by God to bring us together, not always to separate us.


In this episode, she will share the following:

  • Her unique approach to setting boundaries without shame.
  • We will discuss the benefits of having boundaries in place before conflict.
  • How boundaries rejuvenate us 


I would love to hear what word comes to your mind when you hear the word boundary!

Links mentioned in the episode:


Leslie Newman Coaching

Find more information about Our Guest

Leslie Newman

Leslie Newman is a wife, mom, teacher, writer, and life coach. Through individual coaching and group workshops, Leslie helps women exchange people-pleasing for better boundaries in their life and relationships. She introduces a gentle and Biblical approach to boundary-setting specially designed for women who want to stay in their relationships — especially their closest ones — without feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed anymore!   


  1. Michelle Marsh Greer

    I am more than intrigued and excited to receive an opportunity to listen to these podcast. Boundaries are important.

    • Michelle Marsh Greer

      To be completely honest,My whole life I read or listen to self help podcasts, I definitely need a life coach as

    • Cheri Fletcher

      Hello Michelle! I’m so glad that you were blessed by my time with Leslie. I hope that you stick around and listen to more podcasts! Community is so important for us to continue to grow and comfort each other. I hope you find that here as well!!

  2. Tricia Caldwell

    Hi Cheri,
    My word for boundaries would be caution. For instance when trying to nurture church members or anyone for that fact, that is very needy I have to pray first before I make a phone call or visit. For instance thinking of positive conversation to start with if the person is continually negative. I might start my visit with, “tell me something good that happened this week “. That usually helps.

    This devotional brings to thought many instances. Really enjoyed this interview.

    • Cheri Fletcher

      I love that concept. It is so easy to allow something negative to come first and steer the conversation and it usually ends up controlling the conversation. Starting with this idea is so refreshing and allows you to bring God in right away. Thank you friend for suggesting such a great Spiritual Game Plan!! ☺️


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