How Intentional Worship Transforms Leadership And Feeds Our Purpose ~ Episode 156 with Donna Renay Patrick

Oct 26, 2021 | Leadership, Podcast, Praise, Purpose, Worship

In this episode, I will be talking with Radio Host and Worship Ministry Consultant Donna Renay Patrick about the importance of praise and worship.

Praise and worship is the thing the enemy hates the most. He goes to great lengths to keep us from praising God.

Think about how Covid-19 affected praise and worship:

  • We had to stop attending church
  • When churches resumed in-person attendance, many didn’t allow singing in order to keep the spread down.

What we might have missed in all this is that there are many more ways to praise than singing. 

She will tell us that there are only two places that you can praise God: 


Donna will open our minds to how intentional worship can transform not only the leadership in our church but also the calling in our lives.

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Donna Renay Patrick

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Find more information about Our Guest

Donna Renay Patrick Your Spiritual Game Plan

Donna Renay Patrick

Donna Renay Patrick is an award-winning author of two praise and worship-themed Devotionals; It’s In Your Praise, and At All Times. She also co-authored three anthologies; The Perfect 7, Stories of Roaring Faith (Vol 4), and Be Refreshed.

She an award winning radio host of  The Donna Patrick Show

Donna has served in music ministry for over 35 years in the capacities of musician, choir director, and worship leader. Her passion is training and development in worship ministry, and why it is important for the 21st Century church to keep as a priority the kind of worship that God wants.



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