How Mother’s Can Spread The Gospel In The Most Authentic And Practical Way

May 4, 2021

Dear Moms,

God has a purpose for your child and they already have a role in His plan!

If you are walking in faith and making it a part of your day, then you can rest in the understanding that you are not going to ruin that plan.

This is the message that I hope you hear as I talk to Michelle Watson. 

Michelle encourages us not to put Jesus at the root of our lives, but to make Him the root. She believes that there is a difference between flavoring things with Jesus and baking him in!  She emphasized that we need to make him the meal.

Sharing the gospel starts at home, with our children and our neighbors.

Mom’s, we are sharing the gospel by making God a part of our everyday life, even the mundane- Jesus is infused in all of the stuff.

You can trust in the God who entrusted you with the children He has placed in your life!

You are exactly who He needs! 

I would love to wish you a very happy mother’s day no matter what form your role of  motherhood looks like!

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Michelle Watson

I’m Michelle Watson, born-again daughter of the King. I’m wife to an amazing teacher of the Word, mama to a miracle, artist, freelancer and podcaster. October baby. Hyperaware of colors and fonts. Lover of all bovine-based eats. Ambivert. 55% water, 45% matcha. Serving up Godly encouragement with grace and truth to me AND you! Host of The Pantry Podcast with my husband Shea Watson

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