Have you made choices in the past that have left you believing you have to work your way back and prove your worth to God? I know if I allow myself to look back, the enemy is more than happy to remind me of all the ways I am not worthy.

What if you had to add the description of your worst sin to your name? This would not only keep reminding you, but would also be informing the world.


The story of Rahab the prostitute is so short, yet very powerful. Despite the shame that she must have felt about her past, she puts that aside and takes a leap of faith. Like Rahab our story’s do not have to continue with shame.

In this short study I hope you find courage in Rahab’s demonstration of her faith. She was did not have to work her way back into good graces with God, he saw her heart.

I would love to know what you learn about yourself from studying Rahab. You can email me and share your insights, or ask questions. I promise to read your email and respond through blog topics, studies and invited guests that suit your needs.

You may be the only woman who writes to me about your topic, which means that your two-minute email could help me help other women much like you.

In Him,


Rahab Short Study

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