How To Be A Treasure And Not A Target For More Deception – youtube vlog Are you tired of this world setting a standard and reminding you daily that you are not it? Don’t you want to be good enough? During the years of driving on field trips, hosting teams, leading programs and mentoring young women in my community I had the blessing to listen and gather stories from their hearts. While I sat on cold bleachers or in warm coffee houses the stories from older women had the same underlying connection. I Am Not Good Enough. It is a belief that we all seem to share no matter what our age or life story is. Our beliefs about our worth are like roots that have grown down deep into the well-fertilized soil of “not good enough”. When I ask women of all ages to finish the statement, I am _____. More often than not the blank is filled with a self-shaming belief.
  • Fat
  • Inadequate
  • Ugly
  • Broken
  • Stupid
  • Fearful
  • Unloved
  • Flawed
With those thoughts taking root in our soul, the fruits of those beliefs are often reflected in our behavior. For instance when I believe that I am stupid the fruit of my behavior is constantly trying to prove myself. If someone believes they are inadequate they might distance themselves from others or grasp for reasons as to why they are actually better than someone else. Believing that you are not loved or that you are not wanted bears many fruits that cause pain. For some, it can show up in ways of bullying, self-harm, diet control or looking for love in ways that will never satisfy. Have you ever thought about the fruit you bear from your belief? When The Seeds Of Not Good Enough Were Planted In Genesis 3, we find where that seed of Not Good Enough was first planted. It was the seed from the forbidden fruit on The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good and Evil. Since we are told that the serpent was the most crafty of all the wild animals, I wonder if that day Eve ate of the fruit it was not just a happenchance. Did he know her patterns and her possible weakness based on watching and listening to her? I do know from reading Genesis 2:25 that she was naked and that she was not ashamed. Based on that verse I conclude that she was naked while she talked to the serpent, yet satan attacks her mind! He gets her to doubt what God says and plays on a desire to have greater wisdom. He places a seed in her thoughts. She was Not Good Enough? He did not tell her that she would be more attractive, he could have attacked her physical appearance as she stood there naked. But he is crafty remember, I believe he knew that if he got her to believe she was not good enough the rest would be taken care of. He could and would destroy the image of God through her. He was right. She took it, she ate it, the seed of doubt was planted and she now knew physical nakedness and self-shaming for the first time. [click_to_tweet tweet=”I still listen to women talk, I see what they post, I meet with young girls who seem to think that to gain this love they need to look better physically. They are constantly focused on what cannot be completely controlled.” quote=”I still listen to women talk, I see what they post, I meet with young girls who seem to think that to gain this love they need to look better physically. They are constantly focused on what cannot  be completely controlled.”] Women are bombarded with photos, adds and articles on steps to make them look better, be sexier, how to attract that right person. Magazine covers and television series, unfortunately, set a perceived standard on our value. But we don’t really need those reminders to tell us we are not good enough. Satan was able to get into the mind of the one truly perfect woman in all of creation without Desperate Housewives of Eden to compare herself too. What is that I long for? I love weddings! When the bride makes her entrance it takes my breath away every time. I heard the saying once “there is no such thing as an ugly bride” and to be honest, I have to agree. Why? Next time you are at a wedding, watch the groom. Before the bride enters he has a look of anticipation and nervous energy. As she enters the room his face becomes transformed with a heartwarming smile, his eyes reflect his complete love. His chest rises deeply then falls into complete surrender. Then when you turn to see the bride, her eyes are fixed on his and she knows at that moment she is fully adored and she could not be more beautiful. To be loved, to be cherished, to be treasured….to be adored. That is what I and the many women that I have spoken with long for. What do men cherish? What is it that they treasure? What do they ….Adore? For the last 12 years, I have asked men of all ages this question.  “Think about a woman that you adore. What is it about her that you adore?” Here are some of the answers that I have received.
  • Loving Nature
  • Strength
  • Humility
  • Humor
  • Selfless heart
  • Loves others
  • Spirituality
To this date, I have not had a man list a physical appearance. These are the fruits of the spirit. The fruit that we can bear when we are rooted in the soil of His grace. 1 Peter 3:4 tells us that it is our inner beauty and behavior that men adore and will win a place in their hearts. It is the women who adorn themselves in “the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit” We need to stop fixating on what you can’t control. Stop being a target for the deception of a beauty that fades. Start focusing on what you can control. The unfading beauty of our character. We are God’s masterpiece. It is my hearts desire that women of all ages can take the sentence I am and add God’ voice. I am cherished. I am a treasure. I am adored PC:  Melissa Mjoen

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