How To Care For Our Bodies So We Are Able To Do What We Are Called To Do

March 23, 2021


Our body does have a purpose, but it is not so that it can look a certain way.

When we can shift our focus from how we look to how we can treat our bodies the best way in order to honor Him, it frees us. Keeping our body in the best health we can so we can serve is what we are called to do.


In this episode, fitness trainer and coach Amy Connell will help you find grace in your health. She will also share how the change toward graceful health began when God told her:

“You are thinking more about the food you are going to eat and your exercise than you are thinking about Me!”


We will also discuss  3 of her 8 rules to break so you can enjoy shame-free health.

  1. I have to work off dessert –  Plan for it, then enjoy it! 
  2. No pain no gain – Soreness is not pain! We can be strong, healthy and fit without pain.
  3. I have to get in my hour of exercise in – This comes from gyms and fitness schedules. We have it in our head that we have to work out an hour so we might feel defeated and not do anything at all. A good workout can be 30 minutes. Make your goal to be able to move your body. 

But best of all, Amy will remind us that there is not a BMI chart in the Bible.

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Find more information about Our Guest

Amy Connell

Amy Connell is passionate about women knowing their eating, movement, and body don’t have to be perfect, they just need to do what they are called to do. She is a fitness enthusiast, runner, certified personal trainer. and an imperfect eater living in perfect grace!  She lives out the mission that pursuing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean pursuing perfection.

Amy lives out this principle by equally enjoying dark chocolate, roasted Brussels sprouts, and potato chips (but not together). She loves encouraging women to strive for balanced, sustainable health and to appreciate and care for our unique God-given bodies.

She is the host of the the Graced Health Podcast, and lives in Texas with her husband, two sons and her stray pit-bull mix – Grace.

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