It’s Time To Exercise Your Prayer Life – Season 2 Episode 122

January 12, 2021

How often has your New Year’s resolution list included “exercise regularly” and “pray more”?

Those are always on the top of mine! I have great intentions and really do want my physical and spiritual life to grow stronger, but let’s face it the to do lists, family demands and unforeseen events can take my energy away and I am sad to admit)time in prayer.

I think I know why these two common resolutions are hard to keep.  We try to keep them with our own abilities.  

Which is why I am so excited to introduce this week’s guest, Janet McHenry, with you.  

I met Janet at a speakers workshop a couple years ago, and I was drawn to her immediately.  Her humble wisdom drew me into conversation with her and we have stayed connected ever since.

Years ago Janet suffered from depression, weight gain and exhaustion. She began a prayerwalk routine that not only transformed her life, but the lives around her — even in her community. The bonus was her increased energy, better health and greater joy!

As she started to walk, God gave her a vision for her community, to pray for the people in her town. Janet doesn’t always feel like getting out and walking but she shares how:

When God calls you to something you just keep going


Today Janet will share:

How her prayer life began

What are Spiritual Endorphins – How prayerwalking changed her outlook

How prayerwalking during this political time can help us surrender to His will

The importance of a prayer partner

Share your thoughts:

Have you ever connected the two disciplines –  how prayerwalking helps you physically and also helps your community?

Please share with me your plan to exercise your prayer life.

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Links mentioned in the episode:

Personal Website




What Is Prayer Walking?

The Secret To Praying Without Ceasing

Find more information about Our Guest

Janet McHenry

Janet McHenry has been transitioning from one life phase to another her whole life. Tech writer. Journalist. Wife and mom of four. Teacher. Author. One thing that will not change: she will pray for you whenever you need it. Looking Up! is her business name, because looking elsewhere just doesn’t work.

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