How To Find The Acts Of God Amidst The Fire

Apr 12, 2017 | Article, Peace, Spiritual Growth, Uncategorized

“Mrs. Fletcher, your house is on fire.” 

The next few hours were a frenzy of phone calls, sirens, well-wishing curious neighbors, and even the local news van. Questions were coming at me like the flames that were licking the roof of my newly built home of 8 months. Did I have any idea how this would have started?  

My husband was out of town, I had been at an event and my three kids were at our local church. I retraced my morning. Had I left the stove on?  No, the stove was not necessary for cold cereal. I was then told by a firefighter that it seemed to have started in the garage.

The trough of baby chick quickly came to mind and I realized that the heat lamp must have something to do with this. This would be confirmed as an outline of soot and ashes were all that remained.

The fire department did a great job in saving a majority of the house’s structure, but the smoke damage was more extensive than anyone imagined. Our family stayed with a close friend for a while and then moved into the mother in law apartment that a church member had available.

The following weeks were so hard. Sorting through damaged possessions, making lists, taking in the reality of what was lost and reading through insurance claim forms.  While reading through the papers I was stopped by the phrase “act of God”.

ACT OF GOD:  An inevitable accident. A natural catastrophe.

“Courts have recognized various events as acts of God—tornadoes, earthquakes, death, extraordinarily high tides, violent winds, and floods. Many insurance policies for property damage exclude from their protection damage caused by acts of God” 

As I thought about that I became defensive of my Heavenly Father. We are blaming the wrong entity for this worlds tragedies.  

What were the Acts of God that day?

If you want to know where God is when you face fires in your lives all you have to do is reflect on how He provided for you during that time.  

I know exactly what the Acts of God were during that time.

  • No one was home – I kissed my entire family goodnight that day and pet the heads of my two dogs.
  • I was immediately surrounded by a group of women after receiving that call and given a ride home by one of them
  • He held me in the arms of my neighbor
  • He gave me a reassuring smile through the man who built the house, standing there with me watching his hard work burn
  • The outpouring of love, support, and meals from our community
  • It brought our small country road of neighbors together
  • Strengthened my faith and filled me with a peace that has been a testimony

Those are the Acts Of God, that is where God was that day.  

Photo:  Actual photo of my fire

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