“It must be nice to be just a stay at home mom.”

The words spoken to me 22 years ago still come to the forefront when I am asked what I do for work.
I know they were not spoken to hurt but two words in that phrase stuck!


If I let them they can keep me from living out the purpose God has for me today.

Just – the definition of Nothing More Than

Do you catch yourself giving the gifts you bring to the roles that God gave you the title of       ‘I am just a …..’ ?

It doesn’t matter the vocation or position we have, the enemy wants us to believe that we bring nothing to the role.

“I am just a teacher”
“I am just a lawyer”
“I am just a volunteer”
“I am just a homeschool mom”
“I am just a writer”

What are you Just A?

I want you to hear the Father’s words instead. He formed you, you are His handiwork. He stands back, takes a look at you and then He too puts a JUST into your purpose.

You are JUST THE

Just – the definition of Exactly What I Need.

Whatever roles you are in today, God created you to bring to them exactly what is needed.
You are just the teacher that a student needs
You are just the lawyer the clients need
You are just the volunteer that is needed
You are just the mom your kids need
You are just the writer the reader needs

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10


“I am Just the ______ God needs me to be.”

Please fill in the blank in a comment!

I want to see all the ways God uses us.



If you know someone who deserves to know that the are just the person God needs and you think these words would bless them, please share.

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