How to Love Through Conflict with Others by Inviting God and Sitting Together ~Episode 221 with Becky Keife

Mar 14, 2023 | Anxiety, Comfort, Conflict, Forgiveness, Hard Conversations, Hope, Podcast, Relationships, Spiritual Game Plan


How different would your next family gathering, work day, or neighborhood picnic be if everyone chose to celebrate or weep with each other before trying to convince, correct, or lobby for their agendas?

Jesus never said that getting along would be easy, especially loving one another. But He did call us to do it.

Becky Keife, from (in)Courage, joins me in this episode to discuss the book, Come Sit With me, How to Delight in Differences, Love through Disagreements, and Live with Discomfort.

In this episode, Becky and I talk about many different ways that several authors have handled their hard conversations and conflict. 

In the book Come Sit with Me, How to Delight in Differences, Love through Disagreements, and Live with Discomfort, more than two dozen (in)Courage writers shared their own painful, grace-filled learning experiences with readers.

I hope our conversation will serve as your guide to move through challenges and grow closer to God, whether you are experiencing a conflict without resolution or wondering how to enter into a friend’s pain.  Becky believes it starts by inviting God and others to simply “come sit with me.”


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Find more information about Our Guest

Becky Keife

Becky Keife is a beloved speaker and author. She is also the Community and Editorial Manager for DaySpring’s (in)Courage, a widely followed online community that empowers women to be like Jesus.

Becky’s books include No Better Mom for the Job: Parenting with Confidence (Even When You Don’t Feel Cut Out for It), The Simple Difference: How Every Small Kindness Makes a Big Impact, and its companion Bible Study, Courageous Kindness: Live the Simple Difference Right Where You Are. Her newest Bible Study is called Create in Me a Heart of Peace.

She has been featured on The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show, The Crystal Paine Show podcast, HomeLife Magazine, and many more media outlets.

Becky has a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and Master’s in English. She loves writing about motherhood, anxiety, and God’s lavish kindness.

She and her husband live near Los Angeles, where they enjoy hiking shady trails with their three spirited sons.


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