How to Openly Recognize, Embrace, and Celebrate our Multi-Hued World ~ Episode 197 with Dr. Lucretia Berry

Sep 13, 2022 | Ethnicity, Faith, Family, Inclusiveness, Parenting, Podcast, Race, Restoration



How would you describe your hue?


Probably not a question you’ve pondered before, is it? Discussions of race are often centered around descriptive terms that are not accurate, like “black” and “white.” 


In this episode, I sit down with Lucretia Berry to unpack how we can reframe our conversations about race to remove the negative connotations often associated with this topic. Lucretia explains how adults often approach racial discussions with shame and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Race shouldn’t be something we avoid recognizing. It is possible to have positive, productive conversations about this traditionally tough topic. 


“Understanding or noticing difference, as long as we’re valuing it, is good.” Dr. Lucretia Berry

Listen in as Dr. Lucretia Berry shows us:

    • How children talk about different ethnicities and what we can learn from them
    • Why claiming to be “color blind” can actually be damaging
    • Practical steps we can take to get more comfortable discussing race


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Find more information about Our Guest

Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry

Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry is the founder of Brownicity (pronounced like ethnicity), an agency dedicated to racial healing and antiracism. She is also the anti-race/ism curriculum specialist for Community School of Davidson in North Carolina; a contributor to (in)courage; a speaker at TEDx Talk and Q Ideas Charlotte; a member of hope*writers; and a senior consultant for Point Made Learning’s The American Dream Game. She and her husband, Nathan, are the parents of three little girls. For more information, visit


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