How to Quiet Your Heart and Mind by Making Room for Rest ~ Episode 216 with Marci Seither

Feb 7, 2023 | Anxious, Contentment, Heart, Joy, Mind, Peace, Podcast, Quiet, Renew, Rest, Restoration, Spiritual Game Plan, Uncategorized


Is there a time when your heart felt heavy because of difficult circumstances?

When I focus on what I can’t handle, it can feel like my heart is heavy and full of despair.

When times like these came, I would escape to our family cabin in Oregon. I called it my Happy Place.

My heart would feel lighter when I turned down the road to the cabin. Observing the stars under the vast sky, I felt encouraged knowing God, my Creator, created and cared for me!

Being states away from my family cabin now, I can’t go there to escape. Nevertheless, I must remain mindful to keep calming my heart and resting like I did when I was there.

In this episode, I will talk to Marci Seither about her book Lakeside Retreat –  Live Giving Devotions from a Restful Shore.

Through storytelling, recipes, games, and even some survival tips, Marci will take us to that cabin, to that happy place.

You are invited to join us at the cabin and:

  • Inhale and smell pine trees and campfires
  • Listen and hear loons or geese and also 
  • Taste Wild Berry Cabin Cobbler

Come join Marci and me by the lake, and let me know how you plan to rest!

I would love to hear from you. You can email me at

Links mentioned in the episode:

Marci Seither

Lakeside Retreat: Life-Giving Devotions from a Restful Shore

Making Room For Rest Download





Find more information about Our Guest

Marci Seither

Marci Seither’s writing career began after her humor article about a cookie-baking fiasco she experienced with her kids was published in a small-town newspaper. Since then, she has authored two books and hundreds of articles for local papers and written for Guideposts, Light & Life, and Focus On The Family.

Besides writing, she enjoys teaching workshops, speaking, food photography, canning, and anything involving real butter.

Besides being married to John and raising six kiddos, her biggest joy is being grandma to six of the cutest kids in the western hemisphere. She recently moved from CA to TN.


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