How To Trade Your Fear Of The Future For Joy In The Present

Feb 23, 2021 | Anxious, Fear, Hope, Podcast, Strength

How do you respond to fear?

Many of us women live with anticipation—but also great anxiety—about what the future may bring. So we work hard to stay one step ahead of our worst-case scenarios.

My guest Katy McCown knows this all too well. Married to NFL quarterback Luke McCown, she has had to move on a moment’s notice as his teams changed, which is hard to do with six children. 

We can be so desperate to arrange the details of tomorrow, that we become hopeless because we sense we’re losing today.

She had read about the Proverbs 31 women, but quickly dismissed her as someone who she would never be.  As God revealed more of the character of that woman, Katy realized that she had more in common with her, including the ability to smile at the future

In her new Bible study, She Smiles Without Fear – Proverbs 31 For Every Woman, Katy will share principles that she uses as tools to help her with the fears that try to strangle her peace.

Five Principals

  1. Spend less time doing & more time being with Jesus
  2. Exchange the fear of the future for the fear of the Lord
  3. Rely on my savior instead of myself
  4. Pursue Love 
  5. Live faithful today

As you listen and/or watch my time with Katy, I hope that you will star to apply her 5 principles so that you can live free of the anticipation, and great anxiety and smile about what the future may bring!

Share Your Thoughts

What are the fears that keep you feeling strangled?

After you listen to the podcast let me know which of the 5 principles would help you the most.

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Links mentioned in the episode:

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Bible Study: She Smiles Without Fear

Katy McCown She Smiles Without Fear Trailer

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Instagram: katymccown

Find more information about Our Guest

Katy McCown

Katy McCown, is president of She Laughs Ministries, a writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a national speaker. Through all life’s uncertainties and surprises, Katy has learned some things about “living sure” even when the future is not. She and her husband Luke, a former NFL quarterback, are raising six children.


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