The flames were licking the frames of the windows in my newly built home of 8 months.
My neighbor and I sat on the grass and watched as the firefighters worked to put it out.
The weeks and months following the fire my family stayed in a mother in law apartment offered by a church member. We started the process of removing and rebuilding what was left of our home. No one was hurt so the only losses were material, some replaceable and some lost forever.
The recurring question about my peace of mind was one that gave witness to the power of my faith.


How could I have peace while working several hours a day in the charred remains of the dream home that took years in the making? Click To Tweet

Peace is a hard concept to understand if you have not experienced it’s calming assurance.
Trying to explain it to those who either do not have faith or have not learned to cast all their cares can be hard. The following weekend I tried to do just that in a church class of Jr. high students. I wanted to give them an understanding of peace that they could relate too.

I took them back to the younger years of my children. Around 7-10 months of age children get what is often referred to as stranger anxiety. Often when our children were in a strange atmosphere or surrounded by people they did not have a trust relationship with they would cling to our legs. Often they would put their arms up and the phrase “I hold you” would result in them in our arms and the anxiety would release its grip.

The atmosphere had not changed, the people who had moments before seemed so scary no longer threatened their world. The only change was that they had complete trust in who was holding them.

We are told in Philippians that the peace of God transcends all understanding. It guards our heart and our minds. He does not guarantee to change the situation, but He promises that He will hold you through it.

Are you in a season of the unknown?

Are you experiencing situations that seem scary?

Put your arms up, ask your Father to hold you.

He has already overcome! John 16:33

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