How To Walk Away From 2020 With A Heart Of Gratitude

Dec 31, 2020 | Article, Content, Gratitude

Don’t be too quick to say goodbye to 2020.  Yes, you read that right.   Don’t get me wrong, I did not enjoy most of 2020, but I can say that I saw God more clearly in my life then I have before. I heard His voice, was able to see prayers get answered and am ending the year – well Resilient.

Resilience was my word for 2020.  I chose that word in October of 2019 and in my first journal entry for the year of 2020 I wrote down this question –

“Where will Resilience come into the picture?”

The bible verse I wanted to focus on was Philippians 4:11-13.

Verse 13 is well known, but verses 11-12 are the key to being able to do all things through Christ. They tell us that first we need to be content no matter what the circumstances are.

Paul even shares the secret to being content in any and every situation.



I can clearly see how, not only I got through 2020, but how each person in my family was able to get through the year – acknowledging His strength.

Because of a forced stop – I was still.  I was on my knees more than I have been before. That posturing is how I was able to clearly hear His voice and find contentment in the direction He lead our family.

This year I can walk away from 2020 with a heart full of Gratitude by giving Him the trust He has earned, putting aside my agenda and my control and acknowledging His ways. Then – He will direct my path as I go into 2021.

My word for 2021 is Gratitude.  I want to start my day, my prayers, and my thoughts with acknowledgement and thankfulness.

My friend sent me a Christmas gift with a card that said –

Gratitude enables our hearts to tell a better story

Our story of 2020 can be a powerful testimony when it is shared through a heart of Gratitude!

Your Turn

Please take a moment to look back on 2020 and acknowledge where God was with you, then please leave a comment and share your story and your word for the new year. You can also email me with your story and prayer requests.

Cheri Fletcher

Cheri Fletcher

Cheri is a dynamic writer, compelling speaker, and the host of the “Your Spiritual Game Plan” podcast. 

She is passionate about guiding individuals in crafting a strategy to live out God’s plan for their lives. Cheri believes that understanding the strategic plots of the enemy is crucial in overcoming life’s challenges.

Through the ups and downs of her journey, Cheri has faced numerous changes and transitions, each feeling like a piece of her identity left with each role. 

Her experiences have equipped her with empathy and insight, enabling her to connect with others navigating similar paths.

Cheri and her husband Todd recently relocated to Cleveland from Seattle, WA. They are the proud parents of two newly married sons, a cherished daughter who recently passed, and a loyal canine companion named Libby. 

Despite life’s twists and turns, Cheri has found comfort and joy in the simple pleasures, particularly the company of friends, walks, and visiting new places.  

Known for her hospitality, she warmly invites anyone into her home for a cup of coffee, regardless of the state of her kitchen.

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  1. Deanna Day Young

    2020 taught me to be “free”. Free from being so dependable on earthly things. It sounds silly but to be free from schedules because they can change. To be free from wishy-washy relationships because they don’t rise to the top during crisis. To be free from busyness and to enjoy rest. To be free from expectations that I put on myself and others because authenticity shone bright during the pandemic. To be free to do what brings me joy. Free to try new things like online art classes. Free to do Bible studies at my own pace and dance to Christian music in my kitchen. Free to let go of control that I didn’t really have anyway. Free to accept that traditions change but free to find ways to keep some of them in tact just by doing it a different way. Free to take care of myself when I thought I was invincible. Free to be spontaneous and whimsical – my two words for 2021 – WHIMSICAL and SPONTANEOUS.

    • Cheri Fletcher

      Hello Deanna,

      I love all of that, but this thought is so profound,
      “To be free from expectations that I put on myself and others because authenticity shone bright during the pandemic.”

      So true. I love how the freedom you were able to experience during 2020 has resulted in a new year to be more spontaneous and whimsical. Thank you so much for sharing!


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