Learning How True Healing and Restoration Occurs when we Step into our Stories ~ Episode 180 with Emily Baker

May 17, 2022 | Healing, Podcast, Redemption, Restoration, Restore, Spiritual Growth, Story, Surrender

Have you ever felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath you?

Maybe you have brushed things under the rug and it is easier to leave them alone.

We all have stories of trauma and sin we’d like to keep hidden, swept neatly beneath the rug. It’s part of living in a fallen world. But God wants to set us free from that bondage. When we do the difficult work of examining our own stories, he graciously lifts up the rug little by little to gently help us heal. 

God will not pull the rug out from under us. 

Today I am joined by Emily Baker who, along with her husband, runs a counseling ministry and facilitates story groups for the purpose of trauma care. 

Emily & I Discuss:

  • How painful experiences during our formative years shape our present reactions and outlook
  • Why diving into our own stories helps grow our empathy for others
  • How deeply attuned God is to our needs



 Have you ever felt freed by sharing a painful part of your story with someone else?

Links mentioned in the episode:

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Baker Counseling Group

Story Matters Practice

Adam Young – The Place We Find Ourselves

The Allender Center – Seattle

Narrative Focused Trauma Care

Amy Connell 


Find more information about Our Guest

Emily Baker Your Spiritual Game Plan

Emily Baker

Emily lives in Oklahoma where she and her husband both grew up. They have been married 25 years and have 4 children ranging in age from 5th grade to a Senior in College. They have spent most of their years together in ministry in 3 different States and even Japan for a year. 

Emily loves being a wife and mother and considers that her first love.  Her passion is also walking with people in understanding their personal stories and God’s narrative of redemption.  She is in the process of stepping into a calling as a full-time counselor and story group facilitator.


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