Life Can Be Good Again, How to Put Your World Back Together After It All Falls Apart ~ Episode 184 with Lisa Appelo

June 14, 2022

Lisa Appelo Your Spiritual Game Plan

What was happening in your life when you found yourself thinking ‘it isn’t supposed to be this way”?

If we’re being honest, we have pictures in our minds of how our lives are “supposed” to look. But what happens when tragedy strikes or things don’t go as planned?  

When our world gets turned upside down, we might ask ourselves things like: 

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • How do I keep going?


In today’s episode, I’m talking to Lisa Appelo.

We will discuss how we can move forward through grief and loss and put our world back together after it all falls apart.

Are you facing a mountain or wondering how to overcome yet another profound loss? 

In the comments leave one word about your loss or a 🏔below. I will pray for you.


Links mentioned in the episode:


IG: @lisaappelo

FB: @LisaAppelo

Book: “Life Can Be Good Again”



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Lisa Appelo Your Spiritual Game Plan

Lisa Appelo

Lisa Appelo is an author and speaker inspiring women to cultivate faith in life’s storms. Her book is Life Can Be Good Again: Putting Your World Back Together After It All Falls Apart.

When you’re navigating a life you didn’t sign up for, Lisa gives compassionate, Biblical insight to help you find your footing, manage raw emotion, and anchor threadbare hope to see you’ll not merely survive this, but that life can be good again.

A former litigating attorney, Lisa is passionate about rich Bible teaching. She launched a local widows ministry in Florida and founded a team of writers at

Lisa’s days are filled with parenting, ministry, speaking and long walks to justify lots of dark chocolate.

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