Looking Back To See The Very Purpose I Am Living Out Today

Cheri Fletcher Your Spiritual Game Plan

When you take a moment to look back through your life, how far back can you go to see the same purpose you are living today in who you have always been?

When you are looking back over the years, look for key people God placed in your path that He has used to bless you and show you His love for you. It is amazing to find those moments, those “chance” encounters that at the time might have seemed like nothing, but were clearly divinely inspired.

I am sharing one of those moments in today’s episode. Listen in as I take a look back and retell how, at the age of 16, I met my now-friend and coach Cheri Gregory. That one-minute exchange planted a seed that God would grow for 30 years until we met again.

Cheri Gregory was the person who challenged me to share what I was writing.  I did not consider myself a writer – I was looking at those who had been published or paid to speak. I disqualified myself from God’s calling.

Do you ever find that you disqualify yourself from the calling God has given you?


  • We base our abilities on comparing the very calling we have been given with those who are already doing it.
  • We set the bar to specific standards or expectations that God does not have for us.
  • We try to seek safety by “staying in the boat” instead of stepping out and trusting our safety in Him.

I hope today’s episode causes you to stop and reflect on all of the ways God has equipped you to live your calling.



How far back can you look and see the same purpose you are living today in who you have always been?



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Find more information about Cheri Gregory

Cheri Gregory Your Spiritual Game Plan

Cheri Gregory

Through scripture and storytelling, Cheri loves sharing experiences that connect to women’s frustrations, fears, and failures, giving them hope that they are not alone—someone gets them. She delights in helping women draw closer to Jesus: the strength of every tender heart.

As paradigm-shifter, Cheri believes that “how-to” works best in partnership with “heart, too.” She loves engaging in conversations that lead to transformations via Skype interviews with Amy and Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast guests.

Cheri is the co-author, with Kathi Lipp, of You Don’t Have to Try So Hard and Overwhelmed; the co-host of the Grit ‘n’ Grace podcast; and the co-leader of Sensitive and Strong: the place for the HSP woman to find Community. She has also served as the curriculum director and alumni coordinator for the LEVERAGE Speaker Conference.

She is working on a PhD in Leadership, researching the leadership journeys of influential Christian women bloggers. She has spent the last quarter-of-a-century teaching junior high, high school, and college English, and currently teaches AP English Literature & Composition at a small Christian boarding school.

Cheri also loves to help speakers move their message from the stage to the page. Through Write Beside You, she offers one-on-one coaching and online eCourses for Christian speakers and writers.

Cheri has been “wife of my youth” to Daniel, her opposite personality, for thirty years. She is “Mom” to two young adults, Annemarie and Jonathon, who are also opposite personalities. The Gregory family suffers for Jesus on the central California coast.

Her websites: CheriGregory.com and SensitiveAndStrong.com

Her writer coaching services: WriteBesideYou.com

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