Rediscovering the God Who Redeems – A Study of Tamar ~ Episode 214 with Shadia Hrichi

Jan 24, 2023 | belonging, Bible Study, Chosen, Faith, Fulfillment, God's Will, Human Trafficking, Podcast, Redemption, Renew, Restoration, Restore



Where were you the first time you felt overlooked, dismissed, or forgotten?

It is a feeling that stays with us.  Maybe you worked hard on a project without receiving any thanks, shared an idea only to have it ignored, or have been forgotten about.

In this episode, I will be speaking with Shadia Hrichi and her study of the life of Tamar.

Tamar was mistreated, widowed twice, betrayed, and used as a prostitute.

It seemed impossible that God could redeem her story, but His plan of redemption was prewritten for all eternity-and nothing can get in His way.

We’re going to chat about the following:

  • A few “overlooked” heroes from the Bible
  • God sees us no matter where we are or what we’ve been through
  • No one ever being too “far gone” to be redeemed by our Heavenly Father

Through our experiences and through the stories and experiences we read about in the Bible, we learn more about who God is. How he never abandoned them, and He never abandons us! 

God notices each one of us, and he cares.

If you are willing, share your answer to my question, leave a comment or email me at

I love hearing your stories and knowing how I can pray for you.

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Shadia Hrichi

Shadia Hrichi is a passionate Bible teacher, award-winning author, and speaker who stirs the hearts and minds of her audience through personal story, illustration, and her unwavering confidence in the authority of God’s Word. She holds a master’s in biblical and theological studies as well as a master’s in criminal justice. Shadia is the author of several Bible studies, including TAMAR, HAGAR, LEGION, and WORTHY OF LOVE, and the recipient of the 2022 “God’s Word is Alive” Award. Residing in northern California, Shadia is often invited to speak at churches, conferences, women’s retreats, and other events and loves to visit the ocean each week for “a date with Jesus.”


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