Setting Up A Noble And A Defensive Plan For The New Year

What are your goals and plans for the new year?

I am seeing advertisements for the perfect planners that if used will set me on the road to success.

I have ideas and aspirations on what I would like to accomplish. I am setting plans in place to live out my purpose and prayers that I will grow.

In our home there is a canvas on the wall which has a bible verse that I have quoted for almost 2 decades. As my kids would get out of the car for school, grab their keys to drive themselves or before we hang up I will often say “don’t forget” and they reply “Isaiah 32:8”.

“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.”

We need a plan, not just any plan a noble plan!
The bible is clear that God had a plan for us before He created us.

What is your favorite verse that reminds you of His plan?

My favorite is Ephesians 2:10. God calls me a masterpiece. He tells me that I was created with a plan to be used for His purpose.

There is another entity that has a plan for me as well – Satan. From the beginning his goal was to detach me from God’s plan.

Being the craftiest of all creation satan knows me very well and his strategy is to use God’s plan against me.

My own purpose!

The enemy will place my fears right in front of God’s plan to keep me from my purpose.

He places the fear of believing I am not knowledgeable or coming across as a know it all in my mind.
It can paralyzes me and make my purpose seem so out of reach, way down the road.

In their new book Restore The Roar, Pat & Karen Schatzline make this statement –

“Fear is simply a ploy of the enemy to distract us from our purpose”

Making goals for the new year means having a plan to be used for His glory.

To truly live out my purpose I need a defensive plan to combat what Satan is going to do to try and stop me.

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