Six Hard Topics Our Kids Want Us to Discuss With Them

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Faith, Family, Game Plan, Spiritual Growth, Uncategorized

This week I am privileged to share with Practical Family.

Our kids are growing up fast, and sometimes it can feel difficult to catch up with the questions and scenarios that confront them every day. Part of raising strong kids is being available for the hard topics that often come up when we’re least prepared.

Well, parents: here’s a chance to prepare yourself. Like any sport, we have to practice and train our minds. We need to have a game plan for when we’re faced with unexpected scenarios.

After spending years working with teenagers, I’ve compiled a short list of the most important things they want to know – from you. Yes, as much as your teen may seem to fight it, they really want you to be straight with them.

This article contains answers that were given anonymously in a survey given to children raised in a home of faith and attend Christian schools.

Click Here to read the completed article and the link for a free download.


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