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Cheri knows all too well that the comparison of gifts God has given others is a trap woman fall into regularly. This comparison robs us and those around us of the joy and message God intended for us.

These gifts stay locked up and we stay discouraged as we struggle to achieve something that was never intended for us.

A fresh perspective on the purpose and plan God created for each of us

Feeling like you’re not good enough and struggling with identity are two universal challenges that Cheri tackles head on.

Through her powerful testimony, Cheri’s message provides tools and Biblical insight for women who doubt their worth, giving them keys to unlock the purpose God intended.

It is time for us to stop comparing and start living complete.




Popular Topics

Waking Up Sleeping Beauty – Unlocking the Purpose and Plan God created

We live in a click and ship culture.  If we see something that we want it can be delivered, often the same day. Registries and wish lists are how we let others know exactly what we would like to receive.  This mind set is often how we perceive our spiritual gifts as well and the beauty of God’s designed purpose often lays unused – a sleep- while we try to design our own plans.Cheri will help you:

• Understand that it is through an intimate relationship with God that our gifts are revealed
• Embrace the purpose that you already have
• Experience the joy of using your gifts to further God’s plan in your life

Reinforcing and Restoring the Relationship with your daughter (for men)

No matter what society tells woman or girls, we need strong men, we need our dad’s. In fact, we need you to be stronger now than ever. Our daughters are losing sight of their value.  Their becoming increasingly unable to understand and expect healthy intimacy.  And they are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Sharing her experience as a mentor to girls and her own experience as a daughter, Cheri will:

• Share stories and examples of the effect fathers have on the choices their daughter/s make
• Provide conversation starters and suggestions to break down walls
• Embolden fathers to take the steps necessary to be the father their daughter/s need

You are a Treasure not a Target – How to be adored.

Are you tired of this world setting a standard and reminding you daily that you are not it?  Don’t you want to be good enough? I Am Not Good Enough. It is a belief that we all seem to share no matter what our age or life story is.   Our beliefs about our worth are like roots that have grown down deep into the well-fertilized soil of “not good enough”.  Through this inspirational message Cheri will:

• Replace the lies planted in women’s thoughts
• Identify true beauty and what it means to be adored
• Help you better understand why you are good enough

Cheri with students from Game Plan

God-given Ability

 “Cheri has a God-given ability to dig deep and understand our hearts!”

Wilma Bing, Associate Pastor


A Powerhouse

 “Cheri Fletcher is a powerhouse! Cheri’s wisdom, enthusiasm and passion for Jesus and people are inspiring.”

Roger Smith, Teacher, NBC Camps Vice President

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More About Cheri

Cheri is a wife, mother and an active volunteer on a private boarding school campus.

She loves running, singing and filling her home with friends and family.

Cheri has served on women’s ministry teams and developed an active youth ministry on her campus mentoring young girls. She has spoken for women’s day events as a main speaker and as break out presenter for both women and recently a men’s event.

She is often a substitute for Bible classes, lead church school for 10 years and gives dorm worship’s on campus.

Purposeful & Dynamic

 “Highly organized, purposeful, and dynamic describe Cheri’s teaching style.  The young people that have an opportunity to be in her classroom come away blessed and better prepared to face the problems they deal with daily.”

Jennifer Woody, Bible Teacher, Chaplain and Associate Pastor

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