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So many women tell me, “I need to find my purpose!” The truth I want to share is that your purpose is not lost—the enemy is trying to prevent you from living out your calling every day.

God has a plan, but the enemy has a plot!

In order for you to use the very purpose God has for your life you need a Spiritual Game Plan.

I would love to guide and equip you in developing your personal Spiritual Game Plan that helps you win the game.

Popular Topics

Finding Joy In Being Just Who God Needs

As women we enter and exit a lot of roles. Each role brings a sense of value and worth with it. What happens when or if that role is taken from us, or we have moved on from being needed in that role? For some it can cause us to believe that we no longer have value, are relevant or even have a purpose. Satan wants us to believe that we are nothing more than a role, that we are just a – stay at home mom, a teacher, a pastor, volunteer…

We can find hope in the message of Ephesians 2:10. We were created with a purpose in the plans God had for us before we were even born.

In this message Cheri will bring hope by : 

  • Unlocking the purpose you have always had
  • Experience the joy of using the gifts you have to further God’s plan
  • Understanding that you are just who God had in mind
Maximizing your life in the season you are in

We are called to be His voice, His light, His body but how do we know what our calling even is? Where do we fit in? Like most skills our purpose actually takes practice. We were not created to be perfect, but to reflect His image. To do what Jesus would do. In this message Cheri will walk you through the sequence:

  • Prayer – The battle for your purpose needs a defense plan
  • Practice – Taking obedient steps each day
  • Purpose – bringing the message of God through the unique calling you were created with
You Can Fix It - When Soothing is Solving (men’s day topic)

Despite the best of intentions, most men opt to solve problems when their wives want something very different. When this happens they might hear comments like ,you don’t understand me or stop trying to fix it. 

So, why can’t you fix it?

 Because most of the time “it” is not usually a situation.

When it comes down to a transition, we as women are dealing with an experience and all the emotions that are wrapped up in the transition of a role that is now changing, or we lost the role all together.

In this message Cheri will help men with understanding:

  • What “it” is
  • How soothing her heart will actually be solving her hurt 
  • Grasp how much value women place in roles, titles and positions




Cheri with students from Game Plan

God-given Ability

“I truly was Blessed by you. You’re an Amazing lady and every time I’m around you I feel like I’m worth it.Thank you for your love and who you are in God!”



A Powerhouse

 “Cheri Fletcher is a powerhouse! Cheri’s wisdom, enthusiasm, and passion for Jesus and people are inspiring.”

Roger Smith, Teacher, NBC Camps Vice President



“Highly organized, purposeful, and dynamic describe Cheri’s style.


More About Cheri

Cheri is a wife, mother and an active volunteer in her community.

She loves running, singing and filling her home with friends and family.

Cheri has served as a member of women’s ministry teams and developed a youth ministry and mentoring program on a Christian campus. In her role as a mentor, she offers support and guidance to women in her community. 

She has spoken for women’s day events as a main speaker and as break out presenter for both women and a men’s event.  


Authentic & Insightful

I have had Cheri Fletcher speak at two Men’s days events. Cheri is authentic and insightful. This year the men appreciated what she had to say about how to be there for their wives. 

She was well prepared and had good material to share with us. She also let us ask questions and guided us through a discussion.”

Bill Roberts, Ministerial Director and Men’s Ministries Director

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If you have an upcoming event at your church, business or school, I’d love to talk with you. I create messages based on the goals of your event and your audience.


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