The Emotional Journey Of Motherhood – Part 2

May 10, 2020 | Article, Uncategorized

Guest – Jenn Bryant

The moment we are responsible for another human is the moment our own emotional journey begins. Jenn will talk about the vital role moms play in helping kids to navigate their emotions, and how to help them to depend on God and use their feelings as a gauge instead of a guide.

This is part 2 of a discussion with Jenn Bryant from Practical Family.

Jenn and I will share why it’s most important to lay the foundation of the character of God. Often when kids act out emotionally, they need boundaries to help them see the consequences of their actions on others, and as they get older, they begin to understand who makes the rules and why we should choose right vs. wrong.

Their understanding of authority needs to be of a God who is both just and loving. The full character of God is one they can talk to, and respond to, and trust!

God is a good Father. He made us special and amazing creatures, but we are not good or perfectly holy like Him. It’s because we’re created beings that we need Him.

Kids need help identifying their feelings and walking through them

  • Not ignoring them
  • Not avoiding them
  • Not pretending like they don’t exist

Here is  Part 2 Episode 16 of Let’s Talk with Jennifer Bryant

What is the #1 emotion that you struggle with?

Please take a minute to identify the emotion and give it a label. Then click to leave a comment and share how being able to give it an identity could help use it as a gauge.
Your story could give me the words to help others who think they are struggling alone with that emotion.

Article Written by Jenn  

How to Help Your Kids Navigate Difficult Emotions

Jenn Bryant: Practical Family

Jennifer Bryant is the wife of a good man and mother of two precious kids. They live in Honolulu, Hawaii and her favorite things include reading, organizing, blogging, singing with her kids, laughing out loud with her husband, and making food for people. Jenn runs a blog and podcast at, and encourages moms to build practical skills for healthy communication, simple living, and discover their awesomeness

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