The One Thing You Need To Know This Mother’s Day

May 5, 2020 | Article, Content, Family, Home, Love, Mothers, Purpose, Uncategorized

Of all the vocations that get days of honor, Mother’s Day is one that I believe truly deserves full recognition. If you look up acronyms for M-O-M, you’ll notice some that are humorous like,  Maker OMe &  Must Obey Me. The one that made me snicker is Mission Operation Manager.  It is an actual job title for NASA.

This year marks my 26th year of motherhood so I guess it is time that I acknowledge that my mom was right when she told me time would fly by and yes, many moments escaped uncherished.

Fortunately, with home videos, I can replay the years that are a blur. Unfortunately, I often hear the voice of a tightly-wound young mother. She was more of the Mission Operation Manager needing to get things done. There were flashcards to be memorized, timed piano practices to be monitored and a well-balanced dinner to be prepared. None of these operations were to be interrupted by dirty hands offering flowers that had been pulled from decorative pots.

I wanted what was best for my kids, to provide a secure environment for them so they could achieve and even excel beyond what I had. I watched and admired the moms who had it all together.  Whose young kids were reaching milestones I hoped mine would reach one day.

The pressure I put on myself to ensure their well-rounded future was intense. I often believed I was not doing enough. More than anything I wanted them to have happy memories of home, family, and faith that would carry them into their adulthood.

When I think back to the lessons I remember while growing up they were by example. It was the moments of guidance and the prayers of my parents, it was not having a perfect home or a full schedule.

I wish I could step inside those old home videos, put my arm around that young Mission Operation Manager, and assure her that she is doing ok. Take the flowers from that pudgy fist and see them for what they are –                       You Are More Than Enough!




More Than Enough – New Mother’s Day song by Shawna Belt Edwards






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