The pink gas would shoot straight up from the bottle and within seconds that gas would become the beautiful Jeannie. Oh how I used to dream I had a Jeannie too. The captain could ask for whatever he needed taken care of and with arms crossed and a blinking nod it was taken care of.  As a child I thought of all the things I would ask for. Some were possessions and some were vanity driven.

There are still days I can forget that God is not going to
A – give me my own Jeannie nor B- fulfill that role either.

It can be easy for me to approach God with that mindset starting my communication with “I just need you to…..” or even worse “why aren’t you….?”

Does your prayer time ever seem like you are asking for your three wishes?

Prayer is such a powerful time and it can also be a very painful and frustrating time, especially when we have to wait, be still and know.

I heard a sermon a few weeks ago where the pastor addressed prayer as inviting God into a partnership.
He said,

“Prayer is asking that His kingdom come and His will be done here in my situation as it is in Heaven.”

I am inviting His kingdom work to be done in a partnership with my earthly kingdom.

In 1 Kings we read the story of Solomon building the temple. It a chapter full of great details. There are materials mentioned, heights given and an overview of the huge layout. One could easily skim through the chapter and miss verse 12.

“As for the temple you are building – if you walk in my statutes, observe my ordinances, and keep all my commands by walking in them, I will fulfill my promise to you.”

God comes to Solomon in the midst of this big project to remind him that He is working with him. We can get so caught up in the details, we can lay out our plans and present them to God and if you are like me, even give Him a timeline.

But God wants more than my asking Him to fix, solve and heal. He wants to dwell among us (verse 13) in our details, in our needs, in our pain. The waiting time is a fulfillment of a greater kingdom.

It might also be a way to answer someone else’s prayer in a way that serves and blesses even more people.

The plans were made for you and me already, they were a part of the ordinances God put in place.
He wants us to lay our details down and invite Him into them. The fulfillment of His promises will grant us more than we could ask for here on earth.

My 3 wishes as I close 2019 and look ahead into the unknowns of 2020 are;

1 – To walk in His statues
2 – To observe His ordinances
3 – To keep all His commands

How? By walking in them, with Him.

He is not in a bottle, He is Immanuel.


Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

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