To The Woman Who Raised And Loved My Husband

May 7, 2020 | Article, Uncategorized

The tributes are many to the mom who raised me

For all of the challenges, victories, and goals she helped be

The flowers and cards are tokens of such

To the mom who raised and loved me so much.


But there is a woman out there who loves with all her heart

The man whose life I am now a part

Who knelt by his bed and taught him to pray

Then silently prayed for who he would marry someday


He first brought her flowers and cards

He trusted her care and advice when lessons were hard


He looked to her for the qualities to find

For the woman to whom his heart would soon bind


On this Mother’s Day, I am thankful not only for my own mom so grand

But to the woman who raised and loved my husband

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    Well done daughter, very proud of you!! — dad

  2. Lori Margo

    This is really special! I feel the same way about my mother-in-law.❤️

    • Cheri Fletcher

      Thank you! It is such a blessing to have a beautiful Mother in Law. I pray for my children’s future spouses as well.


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