I am  the only one awake in my daughter’s first rental home.  It is quiet, and I am drinking the first cup of joe made from her new Mr. Coffee.

Boxes that need to be flattened cover the floor; dishes and collectables cover the counters.  I am overflowing with pride and panic.  Watching her unpack and find places for her things reminds me of how carefully she placed plastic dishes in the cupboards of her play kitchen at age two, and with the same excitement in her eyes.

I am working on restraining the steamroller in me from racing around her and putting things right where they should go…. I mean where I would put them.  (I am sure she will see that it makes sense that way.)

I am now “my mom”, waiting to be directed as a guest in her home.  I pray for God to zip my lips from giving too much advice, to keep ” Do you really want that there?” and “Is that the best place for it?” from moving from my mind and out of my mouth.

Annie is starting her Masters in Social Work, and I could not be more proud.  This is the day that seemed so far away when she was just two, working in her Playskool kitchen.  I had so much time to get ready for this day, but the second hands go so fast when you’re not paying attention.

I am now transitioning from training to trusting. I have Proverbs 22:6 memorized, and I know in my heart that the foundation laid is firm.  Now I get to stand back and watch what she designs and builds on it.    Excitement mixes with my nervousness for the unknown.  I thank God for the treasure that He entrusted Todd and me with.

Train, Treasure, and Trust.

Train up a child in the way she should go: and when she is older, she will not depart from it.  “Cheri Version”

P.S. Just one piece of advice: Please lock all doors and windows.


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