What qualifies you to write or speak?  What message do you have to share?

These are the questions I ask myself often and unfortunately have been asked. I give these questions too much power and I often let them keep me from getting the words from my mind to the page and from the page out of my mouth.

It is true that when asked about my ministry I have no problem talking one on one. The passion I have for youth and women’s ministry is what drives me. I feel an urgency to coach, mentor and share just how much God loves us and that everything about us was pre-planned!

In November I attended a communication workshop and we were to speak every day for 5 min.
The first day I felt ready, the second day I was preparing in my hotel room and my mind started in with the questions.

“What makes you think your message is that great?”

I knew who was saying that to me so I decided to get a second opinion.

Having decided to study Jeremiah in the up and coming new year I opened up the Word to the first chapter and started to read. The words were comforting, God was reminding me that I was known before I was formed, I was consecrated and even appointed. It was as if He sat with me and said, ‘hey, don’t be afraid. I am with you’.

I almost stopped there, victory had been given, but it was a short chapter, so I decided I would finish it. When I got to verse 17 I saw that it started with ‘Now’. I like it when there is an answer or a commission coming up.

Jeremiah 1:17 NASB “Now, gird up your loins and arise, and speak to them all which I command you.”

I heard it loud and clear. Cheri, pull up your big girl pants and share what I have given you.
I know that the acronym LOL is overused, but I did laugh out loud! God was saying, I made you for this, a divine purpose designated for you beforehand, I got this! This was the reminder I needed.

It is a great message because it is His message.

The new year rolled around and I began my study of Jeremiah. So many times Jeremiah spoke and each time he was mocked, threatened and questioned, “who are you to say these things”. He gets so discouraged he begs God to just wipe out the people of Judah. He wonders when God is going to pay them back. He is not seeing the results of his hard work.

There is so much encouragement for writers and speakers in Jeremiah. He knew that he was called to share a message but he was never validated from a human perspective. The fact that the book of Jeremiah took around 53 years to write is a reminder that this is a life calling. The words we speak are meant to be used in God’s timing and might reach people years later.

One morning I was in chapter 15 and Jeremiah is pleading with God. “You who know me, O Lord, Remember me, take notice of me! In verse 15 he reminds God that His words were found and that he ate them. How much more does he need to do for the words that he spoke to be validated? Jeremiah is so overwhelmed by not seeing the results or any progress. He feels like it is no use, he possibly hears that same voice, “what qualifies you to write and speak these words’?

Then God gives Jeremiah, you, and me a beautiful concrete answer. This was the mic drop to my doubts. Verse 19, “If you return, then I will restore you—Before Me you will stand; And if you extract the precious from the worthless, You will become My spokesman.

If you return your focus to Me, stop looking at human stats, the number of views and followers to justify if I am using you.
Then I will restore your validation because your trust will be in Me.
If you are using worthy words in a world full of worthless words,
You will be My spokesman.

He does not say He might use us. He confirms that our words matter. We are His spokesman! That is what qualifies us.

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He closes chapter 15 with the promise that goes one step further.  He will redeem you from the one who tells you that you have nothing to say.


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