Why Do You Need A Spiritual Game Plan This Year

January 5, 2021

Today I am going to take this time to share my heart and the reason that I started a podcast.

I am passionate about you not only knowing  how relevant you are, but helping you use the very purpose God placed in you, and that takes having a spiritual game plan!

As you listen to each episode I know that the guests and topics will leave you better equipped to focus on your purpose in Christ and have a plan on how that purpose can be lived out.

Welcome to Season 2 and Happy New Year!

If I could say 1 good thing about 2020 it would be that I was forced to stop. I started out the year with so many goals and ideas.  It was going to be the year that I would start enjoying different aspects of my empty nest, I wanted to grow my ministry and host small retreats at our home.

I had chosen the word resilience for the year and I wrote a question in my new journal.

“Where will resilience come into the picture?”

Little did I know that 2020 was headed in a 180 degree change from what I, and all of us, had planned. But looking back I can say, I am resilient. Having to stop my plans opened up the path for His.

His plans were made long ago and I am so glad that I can trust them.

Today I want to share with you what a spiritual game plan is and why you need one right now!

A spiritual game plan is having a strategy for when the enemy comes after you.

It is a defensive play, if you will. Fully putting on the armor that we read about in Eph 6 and having a plan that we can call upon.


Because to fully live out the purpose God has placed in you, you have to understand that:

God has a plan but the enemy has a plot

His plot is very specific and he goes after the way God intends to use you.

When your purpose is under attack you can often ask yourself if what you are doing is even relevant.

If you matter, or like I believed for so long – I am nothing more than…

I am passionate about helping you fully embrace that you are exactly who God needs you to be.


Are you tired of believing your purpose is lost, or God can’t use you anymore?

Are you in a season of transition and it feels like you’re no longer relevant?

Did 2020 interrupt the path you were on and now you don’t know where God is calling you?

Then this is the place where you belong.  Let’s not waste anymore time allowing the enemy’s plot to keep us from God’s plan


Share your thoughts:

I would love to hear where you could use a spiritual game plan.

Where is the enemy the loudest in your life?

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