Do you find yourself in a season of change?

Maybe you are getting married and you will add the role of wife to your list.

Maybe you are becoming a mother and you are questioning how being a mom and having a career will work for you.

What if you want to be a stay at home mom but struggle with “giving up “a job title.

Or you might be like me and have been a stay at home mom for decades and you are looking at an empty nest and wonder if you are even relevant now.

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Your roles in life will change, but your purpose is eternal.

You are relevant and you are still needed in His master plan.

As women we often place the belief of our purpose in the many roles that we have and when those roles change or are taken a way we wonder where we fit in.

I was the mom that dove into all the activities that my kids were involved in. I opened my door and my fridge to their teams, taught their church classes and lead the PTA.

One could say that my identity was simply Annie, Charlie, and Carson’s mom and my husband’s wife.

What would you say your identity is wrapped up in?

Where do you go when those roles change and it appears you are no longer needed, or relevant?

If those positions gave you a feeling of purpose you are not alone, but you know what?

You were actually relevant before you ever had a position.

God had a game plan and knew how you would be a part of it before you were born.

You are God’s masterpiece
created with a purpose beforehand.

Ephesians 2:10

Unlock your purpose with Cheri

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Invite Cheri to speak at your upcoming event. Cheri speaks to men, women and teens on a variety of topics all centering on knowing our purpose based on our own identity in Christ.

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Cheri loves to write to encourage people of every age to find their unique purpose. She writes articles that go deep into some of our daily struggles that keep us from really living out the life God has intended for us.

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Game Plan

Game plan prepares middle school students for the challenges they’ll face in high school and gives them tools to plan a head of time. Our high school students mentor and teach that plan through this powerful program.

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When you listen to Cheri, you say, “That’s exactly how I feel! You, too?” She has a God-given ability to dig deep and understand our hearts!  She is able to put words to our deepest feelings.

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