You're in a Season of Change

…you’re getting married, starting a family, emptying your nest or transitioning from a role you have had for a long time.

You find yourself asking ~


• What will this do to my plans

• Will I still be relevant

• How do I find my purpose now

• Did I lose my identity

• Where do I fit in

Your roles in life will change, but your purpose is eternal.

You were created by an intentional God, you are a masterpiece designed by a Creator with a game plan. God has a plan for you. The enemy has a plot against His plan. In order to live out the purpose you were created with, you need a spiritual game plan.

“I love your podcast!! You are doing an awesome job getting your message out. You are so thought provoking and inspirational. I love your guest speakers and am amazed at all the different avenues you are sharing in your message. I love it and your heart.”

Melody E. – A review on Your Spiritual Game Plan podcast


Having A Plan
for when the enemy tries to block you from living out your calling

that you’re exactly who God needs in the new roles He has you in

that while your roles will end, your purpose is eternal

Hey there,

Do you know that God has created you with a purpose to use in His Plan?

Do you understand that the enemy has a plot to keep you from using that very purpose.

I am Cheri and for too long I believed that my purpose was found in the many roles that I had: wife, mom, volunteer, and my career.

When those roles changed, were taken away or ran their course I found myself wondering where I fit in … or if I was even relevant any more.

I felt lost.

Just the thought of having to find my purpose all over again was exhausting. And frustrating

I now recognize this as the enemy’s plot at work against me. He keeps feeding me the lie that I have to continually look for the very purpose God has already created in me.

If you resonate with these beliefs I am so glad you stopped by. I would love for you to join me as we develop our Spiritual Game Plans to live out our purpose!

I would love to hear from you! You can email me, find me on Facebook or IG.


Cheri speaking into a mic

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“Your message means so much to me. You put to words the very thing I’ve struggled with for a while. It was the validation I needed to hear.”

Shantell B.

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